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Impacting the lives of an entire community
by providing one of the most basic human needs,

About one year ago, we dared to dream “What if a young company like LeggingGirl, could reach out and impact the lives of entire communities? What if we could change the quality of life for entire families, now and for years to come?”. The first thought was clean water, something we take for granted in the USA, but that sadly, many through-out the world are lacking, and is a main cause of disease and infant death.

it is with thankful hearts that we can say today that the DREAM IS COMING TO PASS. We have just funded our first WELL in Batoka Village, Zambia. This Village’s only water source has been the water hole pictured in the images you have seen. This water is shared by both humans and animals, which makes it a source for continued disease for this Village.

But this will not be true for much longer. The process of building a Well gets started today!!!

This accomplishment has only been possible because of our great Customers, an Amazing team of dedicated Affiliates who have made LeggingGirl their home, our ‘best of the best” LeggingGirl staff who make providing outstanding customer support possible, and our awesome technical team who continually enhance our website and support systems above and beyond our requests! We and the people of Batoka Village are forever thankful for your support!!

We are just getting started!!!

clean water well